Letter from the Editor: An American innovation that might change the world

by Olli Raade Olli Raade is the editor for FACTS & ARTS 17.08.2009

For some years now, an American company, BlackLight Power (BLP), has claimed to have discovered a form of hydrogen in which the electron orbits closer to the proton than in the established form. The company has named it the hydrino.

According to BLP, converting hydrogen atoms into hydrino releases huge amounts of heat -- 200 times more than by burning hydrogen.

On August 12, BLP announced that an independent research group at Rowan University in New Jersey has, using the BLP method, been able to produce independently, consistently and repeatedly from readily available raw materials more heat than it is possible according to present knowledge.

Should the claims of BLP and now of Rowan University be further proven and developed, this could mean water would become a cheap and clean source of energy. It could end the world's dependency on oil with huge implications to the world economy, politics and environment. The change could come fairly quickly.

Is this change too radical to be believed? For most of us, of course, it is.We think conventionally. In terms of energy that might mean more farming to produce ethanol or palm oil, or better and larger windmills. Sometimes, though, there are people who provide a leap forward.

BlackLight Power was founded by Dr Randell Mills some 20 years ago. Dr Mills studied first chemistry, then medicine at Harvard. He continued at MIT with postgraduate studies in physics, where he came across quantum mechanics, which he found faulty. Dr Mills claims that the Einstein's theories hold even for small particles, contrary to quantum mechanics theory. Dr Mills has published widely in scientific publications. His claims have prompted heavy criticism, but seemingly no one has been able to deal his theories a knockout blow. BlackLight Power has received tens of millions of dollars from private investors over the years.

The press release by BLP referred to above can be found here. An earlier article about BLP on F&A, written by Michael Johnson, can be found here. BLP's web address is www.blacklightpower.com.

Video: Independent Validation of BlackLight Power's New Primary Source of Energy:

Webcast Presentation by Dr. Randell Mills, Chairman, President and CEO, BlackLight Power, Inc. FBR Capital Markets 2009 Fall Investor Conference, Grand Hyatt, New York, NY - Click here to listen.

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