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Dazzled in Istanbul - On Writers and Publishing

Published 23.07.2015
We are a society which, as a rule, prefers good order to bad, desires sensible laws to prevail over anarchy and proposes for all just the right amount of liberality to allow us to feel free without the inconvenience of actually being so. We...

Alas, Poor Will. Or Edward. Or Amelia… The Shakespeare Authorship Question

Published 23.07.2015
Have we ever known him? The Will of Rosalind and Kate, Puck, Hal, Macbeth and Beatrice? And, if not really knowing Will, are these people who came mewling, laughing, raging or loving to the stage also strangers to us? Do we have to learn to know...

Pass The Hatchet, Please

Published 23.07.2015
Bernard Shaw once observed that a biography tells more about the biographer than the subject. While there is some truth to this, the poor Fabian playwright-essayist-critic-troublemaker was obviously still recovering from the shock of reading...

The Ten Percent Rule

Published 23.07.2015
Any person who has reached a reasonable age will probably have endured that unpleasant feeling, on waking after a satisfactory night of too much alcohol and an abundance of spirited conversation, of feeling embarrassed at things they remember...

On The Retirement of Mr Peter O’Toole

Published 23.07.2015
I'm going to indulge myself. I'm going to forsake topics that tend towards the weighty or serious. For today I learned that Peter O'Toole has retired from acting. Don't get me wrong; the news hasn't made me sad; on the contrary, Mr O'Toole has...