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The Economics of Violence

Published 18.09.2014
"....domestic violence against women and children imposes a social cost of $8 trillion each year, making it a huge – and vastly underreported – global issue." COPENHAGEN – What is the biggest source of violence in our world? With the brutal...

Global Warming: Winds of Vanity

Published 16.07.2014
COPENHAGEN – Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital, wants to be the world’s first CO2-neutral city by 2025. But, as many other well-meaning cities and countries have discovered, cutting CO2 significantly is more difficult than it seems, and may require...

The Environment of Poverty

Published 17.06.2014
COPENHAGEN – Despite gains in life expectancy, expanded access to education, and lower rates of poverty and hunger, the world has a long way to go to improve the quality of people’s lives. Almost a billion people still go to bed hungry, 1.2...

Global Warming’s Upside-Down Narrative

Published 17.04.2014
NEW YORK – When politicians around the world tell the story of global warming, they cast it as humanity’s greatest challenge. But they also promise that it is a challenge that they can meet at low cost, while improving the world in countless...

Poverty and Renewable Energy Sources

Published 17.03.2014
MIAMI – According to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, “Climate change harms the poor first and worst.” This is true, because the poor are the most vulnerable and have the least resources with which to adapt. But we often forget that current...