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The Limits to Fighting the Islamic State

Published 23.09.2014
CANBERRA – There is a long history of misconceived and over-reaching foreign military intervention in the Middle East, and it is to be hoped that US President Barack Obama’s decision to wage war against the Islamic State will not prove to be...

The Right Iraqi Intervention

Published 14.08.2014
CANBERRA – US President Barack Obama deserves unconditional support for his decision to use military force to protect the persecuted Yezidi minority from threatened genocide by marauding Islamic State (IS) militants in northern Iraq. The United...

A Responsibility to Protect Iraqis?

Published 24.06.2014
CANBERRA – Only one possible justification – moral, political, or military – exists for renewed Western or other external military intervention in Iraq: meeting the international responsibility to protect victims, or potential victims, of mass...

Five Reasons Why the Sky Is Not Falling

Published 27.05.2014
BUDAPEST – When it comes to geopolitics, there is always a market for gloom. Business has been booming in this respect lately, with The Economist, Foreign Affairs, and many less exalted journals full of claims that the global order is crumbling,...

MH370’s Beacon of Hope

Published 26.04.2014
MELBOURNE – The harrowing mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which disappeared on March 8 with 239 people aboard, may be at least partly resolved within a matter of days. Underwater search vehicles are homing in on an area just a few...

The Ukraine Nuclear Delusion

Published 20.03.2014
GENEVA – An argument now widely heard is that Ukraine would not be in the trouble it is in had it retained its substantial stockpile of nuclear weapons at the end of the Cold War. This has dangerous policy implications, and must not go...