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New Year’s Resolutions for the Global Economy

Published 29.12.2015
"The US may have a lot on its plate, but unless it leads effectively, the challenges it faces will only grow." STANFORD – Over the last year, global growth has been anemic – and the forecast is only slightly better for 2016. Something must be...

The Case for the TPP

Published 30.10.2015
STANFORD – Following the conclusion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership by 12 Pacific Rim countries, debates about the costs and benefits of trade liberalization are intensifying. The early leaders in the United States’ presidential campaign, both...

Are the Good Times Over?

Published 27.04.2015
STANFORD – In the 25 years before the Great Recession of 2008-2009, the United States experienced two brief, mild recessions and two strong, long expansions. Globally, incomes grew briskly; inflation abated; and stock markets boomed. Moreover,...

A Five-Step Plan for European Prosperity

Published 25.02.2015
WASHINGTON, DC – Though the Greek crisis has been placed on pause, the economic situation in Europe remains bleak. Eurozone growth is up slightly from its near-recession levels of a few months ago, but projections by the International Monetary...

Transatlantic Trade Goes Global

Published 16.07.2013
STANFORD – Negotiations have now commenced between the United States and the European Union on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), potentially the largest regional free-trade agreement in history. If successful, it would...

The Debt-Growth Controversy

Published 22.05.2013
STANFORD – The recent controversy over errors in a 2010 paper by the economists Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff is a sad commentary on the demands of the 24/7 news cycle and the politically toxic atmosphere surrounding fiscal policy in the...

The Economic Consequences of America’s Elections

Published 16.11.2010
STANFORD - November's mid-term elections were a sharp rebuke to the vast expansion of government spending, deficits, and debt in the United States. Elected in the midst of the financial crisis in the fall of 2008, President Barack Obama and the...