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The West’s unfounded defeatism

Published 29.07.2013
I read an article recently that made me wonder once again whether the negative outlook on the future of the West, often expressed in the United States and Europe, is justified. In America, people seem to believe that the country’s best days are...

Letter from the Editor: An American innovation that might change the world

Published 17.08.2009
For some years now, an American company, BlackLight Power (BLP), has claimed to have discovered a form of hydrogen in which the electron orbits closer to the proton than in the established form. The company has named it the hydrino. According to...

Fareed Zakaria: The Post-American World – A Book Review

Published 26.09.2008
Above there is an interview with Fareed Zakaria by the New Perspectives Quarterly about his book "The Post-American World". Below there is a summary of the book as for a background for the interview. Zakaria argues that America 's relative...

"God's Continent" by Philip Jenkins - A Book Review

Published 16.06.2008
Jenkins writes about Islam in Europe and Islam's impact on Europe, Christianity, and about Islam itself. He examines a number of undesirable trends generally attributed to Islam. Jenkins, however, argues that phenomena such as high criminality...