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Managing the ISIS Crisis

Published 23.02.2015
NEW YORK – One day, historians will have their hands full debating the causes of the chaos now overtaking much of the Middle East. To what extent, they will ask, was it the inevitable result of deep flaws common to many of the region’s societies...

The Era of Disorder

Published 28.10.2014
This article is adapted from a longer article appearing in the November/December 2014 issue of Foreign Affairs. NEW YORK – Historical eras are difficult to recognize before they end. The Renaissance became the Renaissance only in retrospect; the...

The New Thirty Years’ War

Published 21.07.2014
NEW YORK – It is a region wracked by religious struggle between competing traditions of the faith. But the conflict is also between militants and moderates, fueled by neighboring rulers seeking to defend their interests and increase their...

The Sources of Russian Conduct

Published 16.04.2014
NEW YORK – No set amount of time must pass before journalism gives way to history, but normally historians write with the advantage of perspective that reflects the passage of years, decades, or even centuries. Time is necessary for information...

The Decline of Upward Mobility

Published 24.01.2014
NEW YORK – Concern about economic inequality is in the air almost everywhere. The issue is not inequality between countries, which is actually down in recent decades, thanks in large part to higher growth rates and longer lifespans in many...