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China's barely-noticed economic war with the U.S.

Published 18.12.2008
Beijing is waging economic warfare against Washington. But as is the Chinese wont, it is using traditional guerrilla asymmetrical tactics in what is more than a little fog of war. With near financial hysteria and demi economic chaos in the U.S....

Bush's finest hour, as the world's deep thinkers gathered for pheasant and wine

Published 18.11.2008
There is an old cliché which says that the victors write history. None of us will be around to hear what future historians make of the last days of George W. Bush's Administration. Forget about the current chroniclers like the Havardian Niall...

Obama, the law of perception, and geopolitics

Published 10.11.2008
The growing speculation, fed by the musings of Vice President Elect Joseph Biden, that the incoming Obama Administration would shortly face a nice, neat - if painful - "generated" test of its abilities and its courage is not likely. At least not...

Biden doctrine: Let's start with China

Published 27.10.2008
In a world of unexpected crises and unanticipated consequences, the new president of the United States is as likely as his predecessors in the past to face almost immediate and overwhelming crisis or crises come January. According to the Biden...

Memo to America's enemies: Be careful what you wish for

Published 13.10.2008
The anticipated catcalls from Beijing and Moscow - as well as the usual suspects in the British and Continental and Indian leftwing media - had hardly echoed when the truth dawned on them. The financial screwup that had temporarily wrecked the...

Globalization, here we come!

Published 04.10.2008
It is obvious that the fall-out of the U.S. financial crisis, not only in the U.S., but throughout the world will be enormous and unfathomable for months to come as the debris is sorted out. But one effect already seems to be clear and...

Neither candidate mentioned terror war in simplistic debate

Published 30.09.2008
There were moments in what was intended as a highly touted debate on U.S. foreign policy by the two presidential candidates where one despaired of any cogency at all. Sen. Barack Obama's insistence that Iraq and Afghanistan were separate...