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Jul 22nd 2009

In contrast to the thesis -- much promoted by the president himself -- that he is not an ideologue but a pragmatic, Obama has laid out a strong new normative foundation for his foreign policy.

Jul 21st 2009
Today it would be hard to find one member of Congress who openly advocates the abolition of Medicare or Social Security.
Jul 20th 2009

LONDON - Mainstream economics subscribes to the theory that markets "clear" continuously.

Jul 16th 2009

Obama is challenged to come up with ways to pay for a health insurance plan that will cover most, if not all, Americans. Many call for cutting services and reducing fees for doctors and for hospitals. Others favor raising taxes one way or another. I say first cut out the crooks.

Jul 15th 2009
In the current health care debate, Democratic Members of Congress representing swing districts have often (though not always) been among the most cautious when it comes to supporting President Obama's proposals for health care reform.
Jul 13th 2009

It must strike progressive atheists as a stroke of bad luck that Christopher Hitchens, leading atheist spokesperson, happens to have hawkish views on foreign policy.

Jul 13th 2009

In 1991, as part of its overall approach to post-Gulf War peace-making, the Administration of George H. W.

Jul 13th 2009

LONDON - For at least a quarter-century, the financial sector has grown far more rapidly than the economy as a whole, both in developed and in most developing countries.

Jul 11th 2009

I yield to no one in my delight that President Obama is bringing a whole new attitude to international relations, and I salute his consistent efforts to restore the good name of the United States across the world.

Jul 10th 2009

The ongoing conflict between Iran's rulers and the Iranian public is the result of a head-on collision between two contradictory forces. In recent years, public attitudes in Iran have become more liberal.

Jul 8th 2009

Two significant comments in the past two days by trusted White House advisers, which Barack Obama has felt compelled to correct, taken together suggest that Obama's inside style is so masked, conciliatory, and evenhanded that eve

Jul 8th 2009

The Western media projects on the demonstrators in Iran our best hopes and wishes. It sees another "color" revolution, in the wake of which the people will overthrow the regime, and a new democracy will arise. I say, very unlikely.

Jul 5th 2009

New York - The global economic recession has translated into a development crisis for Africa, which is revealing the continent's vulnerability not only to economic contraction but also to climate change.

Jul 2nd 2009

MOSCOW - The emergence of a Kremlin leader, President Dmitri Medvedev, without a KGB background, combined with the economic crisis, has inspired talk that when Barack Obama visits Moscow, America's president will be seeing a country on the verge of a new political thaw, a reviv

Jul 1st 2009

NEW YORK - As Asia emerges from the global economic crisis faster than the rest of the world, it is increasingly clear that the world's center of gravity is shifting from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

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