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May 20th 2009

NEW YORK - As Pakistan atrophies in its existential crisis, a fundamental question about the nature of the country is coming to the fore: Are the country's citizens Pakistanis who happen to be Muslims, or are they Muslims who happen to be Pakistanis?

May 20th 2009

The Washington face-off between President Obama and Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu, prime minister of the new right-wing Israeli government, represents the first chapter in a new era. It could yet go either way.

May 19th 2009

The New York Times assigned to the story a campaign-trail reporter, Sheryl Gay Stolberg, whose political perceptions are bland and whose knowledge of Israeli-American relations is an antiseptic zero.

May 19th 2009

Berkeley - While the new Obama administration is commanding global attention, America's future may be written - as so many times before - in and by its largest state.

May 19th 2009

London - Thirty years ago this month, Margaret Thatcher came to power.

May 18th 2009

In the days leading up to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's first visit to Washington, a mini-drama, of sorts, has been playing out.

May 14th 2009

President Obama's May 18th meeting with Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will introduce a new dimension to the long standing American-Israeli alliance.

May 14th 2009

NEW HAVEN - Since hitting bottom in early March, the world's major stock markets have all risen dramatically.

May 13th 2009

It is a deeply shared feeling within the ranks of the CIA that the secret nature of intelligence work, with the extraordinary powers that accompany it, demands officers who possess the highest standards of morality and ethical conduct.

May 11th 2009

The Dollar's Last Days?

By Onno de Beaufort Wijnholds

May 6th 2009

Cambridge - What if political leaders around the world could improve school achievement and job readiness, reduce crime, and extend healthy life expectancy - but the results would not be seen until after they left public office?

May 4th 2009

NEW YORK - There are many recurring debates in American foreign policy - for example, isolationism versus internationalism, and unilateralism versus multilateralism.

May 1st 2009

GUANTÁNAMO BAY - I write this from the United States Detention Center at Guantánamo Bay, where I have been held without charge for almost seven years.

Apr 30th 2009

MOSCOW - Colonel Yuri Budanov is a convicted rapist and murderer. After serving half his prison sentence for the rape and murder of an 18-year-old Chechen, Elsa Kungayeva, he was released last December.

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