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Jun 15th 2009

The great mystery of education policy today is why the Obama administration is embracing the Bush program.

Jun 13th 2009

President Obama's push for a solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict has given the Palestinians an historic opportunity to end their disastrous state of affairs.

Jun 13th 2009

As the world digests President Barack Obama's recent historic speech in Cairo, one conclusion is readily apparent: it will take more than a single speech to effect reconciliation between the United States and the Islamic world, after years of hostility and mistrust.

Jun 10th 2009

The Van Cliburn International Piano Competition in Fort Worth, Texas, ended Sunday on a somewhat sour note, with some critics and former winners wondering how the jury could award the top prize jointly to the two young winners - one a Chinese teenager, the other a blind, autistic Japanese b

Jun 9th 2009

Amidst the whirlwind of activity surrounding President Obama's diplomatic efforts to solve the Arab-Israeli conflict, one issue has stood out among others as particularly contentious.

Jun 9th 2009

Some West Bank settlers think Barack Obama is defying God's will. Obama wants to stop the growth of the settlements, whereas (according to these settlers) God wants the people of Israel to populate all of the promised land; it says so in the Bible.

Jun 8th 2009

With all the talk of "green shoots" of economic recovery, America's banks are pushing back on efforts to regulate them.

Jun 5th 2009

For the past three centuries, humans' effects on the global environment have escalated. Most importantly, our emissions of carbon dioxide may cause global climate patterns to depart significantly from their natural course for many millennia to come.

Jun 3rd 2009

TEL AVIV - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's recent visit to Washington highlighted fundamental disagreements between Israel's current government and President Barack Obama's administration.

Jun 2nd 2009

SINGAPORE - It is unwise to underestimate the near-metaphysical significance of the recent Indian elections. The Indian electorate decisively pushed world history in the right direction with the re-election of the Manmohan Singh-Sonia Gandhi partnership.

Jun 2nd 2009

Following on the heels of his meetings with a number of Middle East leaders, President Barack Obama is en route to Egypt where, on June 4th, he will deliver a much anticipated speech to the Muslim world.

May 29th 2009

I am departing from my usual analysis of the Arab-Israeli conflict as I profoundly feel that these are neither ordinary times, nor ordinary circumstances.

May 25th 2009

Between May 15, when President Obama announced that he would keep the Bush-era Military Commissions to try enemy combatants, and May 21 when he replied to the opponents of his decision to close Guantanamo, we had an opportunity to judge the temper of this adminis

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