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Mar 17th 2009

WASHINGTON, DC - The decision of former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami not to seek the presidency again has revealed how muddled Iranian presidential politics now is.

Mar 16th 2009

When reports spread that insurance giant AIG would give top executives huge bonuses after a $170 billion taxpayer bailout, you could feel the anger rumbling in Middle America like boiling magma before the eruption of a volcano.

Mar 14th 2009

NEW DELHI - With the world's most developed economies reeling under the incubus of what is already being called the Great Recession, India at the beginning of the year took stock and issued a revised estimate for GDP growth in the 2008-2009 fiscal year.

Mar 13th 2009

NEW HAVEN - On April 2, the G-20 will hold a summit in London to discuss what we may hope will be an internationally coordinated plan to address the world economic crisis. But can such a plan really work?

Mar 13th 2009

"The Obama administration must remain unequivocal in its pursuit of the two-state solution" 


Mar 12th 2009

The laughs grate, the performances seem grotesque.

Mar 11th 2009

BEIRUT - On February 24, violent confrontations between Shia pilgrims and the Saudi religious police and security forces occurred at the entrance to the Prophet Mohamed's Mosque in Medina.

Mar 10th 2009

The film "Fitna" by Dutch parliament member Geert Wilders has created an uproar around the world because it links violence committed by Islamists to Islam.

Mar 9th 2009

BRUSSELS - There is no shortage of analyses of what went wrong in the world's capital markets over the past 18 months.

Mar 7th 2009

The way we view banks is conditioned by their key role in keeping the economic wheels turning. The unwillingness of banks to lend seems to go against the natural order, as if teachers were to stay at home on a school day.

Mar 7th 2009

BORDEAUX - In a new best-selling book, French media consultant and author Alain Minc says he can see the day in the near future when all Nobel Prizes will go to Asian scientists and writers.

Mar 6th 2009

Austin Dacey, the well-known atheist thinker, writes in The Secular Conscience that secularism is in danger of losing its soul to relativism.

Mar 4th 2009

REYKJAVIK - No one yet has any real idea about when the global financial crisis will end, but one thing is certain: government budget deficits are headed into the stratosphere. Investors in the coming years will need to be persuaded to hold mountains of new debt.

Mar 2nd 2009

There was no gasp, merely a lingering sigh that came with the announcement that the vast bulk of US combat forces would be leaving Iraq by August 31, 2010, with the final departures taking place at the end of December 2011.

Mar 1st 2009

LONDON - Bipartisanship seems to have taken a drubbing in Washington since President Barack Obama got to the White House.

Feb 28th 2009

Presenting a new and earthy face of French cinema, the outsider candidate "Séraphine" won seven awards at the Césars, the annual French film competition, including best film and best actress of 2008.

Feb 26th 2009

MUNICH - To paraphrase Winston Churchill, never have so many billions of dollars been pumped out by so many governments and central banks. The United States government is pumping $789 billion into its economy, Europe $255 billion, and China $587 billion.

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