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Dec 3rd 2008

ISLAMABAD - Sitting next to a four-foot-tall water pipe, I asked the tribal leader in front of me: What does victory mean to you? He sputtered smoke, raised his bushy white eyebrows, and said, "Victory. How can you have victory here?"

Dec 1st 2008

We consume approximately one gram's worth of genes in every meal. This may not seem like very much, but each of our meals contains trillions of individual genes.

Dec 1st 2008

While Sydneysiders will venture that their harbour remains inimitable, that incomparably pagan place of beauty in the world (What of stunning beauties such as Stockholm? Or dashing, daring San Francisco Bay?), one of the primary reasons for its fame was due to a Dane.

Dec 1st 2008

In looking back at the now-completed presidential contest, it is striking to note the degree to which Arabs, Muslims, and Islam itself, were factored into the race.

Nov 28th 2008

MUMBAI - In most cities of South Asia, hidden beneath the grime and neglect of extreme poverty, there exists a little Somalia waiting to burst out and infect the body politic.

Nov 26th 2008

BERKELEY - The global financial crisis has breathed new life into hoary arguments about the euro's imminent demise.

Nov 25th 2008

A mounting chorus of voices -- including President-elect Obama's -- are linking any economic stimulus or any related bailout of Detroit to environmental and energy independence objectives.

Nov 24th 2008

CAMBRIDGE - The European Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) and the euro are about to celebrate their tenth anniversary.

Nov 24th 2008

The euro has been something of a political scapegoat despite its runaway success, says Joaquin Almunia.

Nov 24th 2008

Because expectations across the Middle East are so high and the need for change is so great, during the next two months, all eyes will be focused on the early decisions made by President-elect Barack Obama.

Nov 22nd 2008

In the first two weeks since the election, President-elect Barack Obama has broken with a tradition established over the past eight years through his controversial use of complete sentences, political observers say.

Nov 21st 2008

WASHINGTON, DC - The financial crisis that began in 2007 has been persistently marked by muddled thinking and haphazard policymaking. Now, the United States Treasury is headed for a mistake of historic and catastrophic proportions by refusing to bail out America's Big Three automakers.

Nov 19th 2008

Haven't we seen this before? As Chrysler, Ford Motors and General Motors beg both the Bush administration and the transitional team of President elect Barack Obama to relieve them of financial woes, the similarities with the late 1970s can't be ignored.

Nov 18th 2008

There is an old cliché which says that the victors write history.

Nov 16th 2008

One of the most important changes envisaged by the Barack Obama administration will be new and softer ways to deploy American influence abroad. Eight years of hubris under George W. Bush has taken its toll, as the failed "Freedom Agenda" drove the U.S.

Nov 15th 2008

Decline-o-mania is back! Talk of America's diminished weight, a "non-polar world" and the rise of Asia's new superpowers to overtake the West dominates political and academic debate on both sides of the Atlantic.

Nov 13th 2008

After eight years of misguided policy by the Bush administration in the Middle East, the time is overdue for an enlightened strategy to tackle the region's woes.

Nov 13th 2008

NEW HAVEN - The world's fundamental economic problem today is a staggering loss of business confidence.

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