Jun 18th 2019

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"[Boris Johnson] is a serial liar, philanderer and shirker" writes George Pitcher, vicar in the Church of England, on the Guardian

Extract from George Pitcher's column on The Guardian: 

"The charge sheet against Boris Johnson is well rehearsed. He is a serial liar, philanderer and shirker. He was fired from the Times for making up quotes as a reporter, and as an opposition spokesman for lying to his leader about an affair; a spendthrift mayor of London, who relied on his deputies while he played to the gallery with vanity projects; incompetent beyond belief as foreign secretary; said to have deliberately misled the people on the post-Brexit economy; and a provocateur of racism and hate crime through his casual insults of our ethnic minorities. That’s before we get to the vacuous promises of what he’d do next with the British economy."

The Rev George Pitcher is a vicar in the Church of England

For the whole column by George Pitcher, please click here.


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