Apr 23rd 2019

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Jack Kohl: Bone over Ivory


Jack Kohl, a pianist, an author, and a runner, who frequently posts his essays on Facts & Arts, has published a new book “Bone over Ivory”.   

  • “With wit, sophistication, and a welcome lack of pretention, Jack Kohl takes us on a Cook’s tour of how literature and music can intersect. His love of the classics—be they literary or musical—shows through on every page, and his ways of associating what he plays with what he reads is quite remarkable. Perhaps no musician since Ives himself has written so movingly of why Transcendentalism still matters. Performing musicians as well as students of American literature will adore this pithy offering on the altar of art.”

  • Philip F. Gura, author of American Transcendentalism: A History

Transcendentalism: An idealistic philosophical and social movement which developed in New England around 1836 in reaction to rationalism.

See more on Jack Kohl’s web site: www.jacksonkohl.com and on Amazon.


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