Apr 29th 2016

MOSCOW – Over the last few years, Pope Francis has reinvigorated the Catholic Church’s core message with passionate criticism of unbridled capitalism and a new, more progressive worldview.

Apr 27th 2016

For nearly two decades, I have studied the life cycles of creativity: when in their lives do innovators make their greatest contributions?

Apr 25th 2016

On Sunday, April 24, billionaire Charles Koch — by some estimates the ninth-wealthiest person in the world — gave an interview to ABC News. It was, I must confess my grudging respect, brilliant political theater. Koch struck a high-minded pose where Donald Trump was concerned.

Apr 23rd 2016

"A growing number of vocal researchers have advocated that all research funded with public funds is open sourced, and not just the articles but the actual research data sets."

Apr 19th 2016

I doubt many would question my liberal credentials, probably best defined by epithets from those right of center who object to my writings and background.

Apr 18th 2016

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders took time off from the campaign trail on April 15 to address the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, a kind of think tank located at the Vatican.

Apr 13th 2016

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has run a very impressive campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. In fact, it is amazing to see he has done so well given his duplicity and polarizing nature.

Apr 13th 2016

The best exhibition of visual art currently on display in London is not at the National Gallery or the Tates, but at the Victoria and Albert Museum. If you visit London before July 4, be sure to see the magnificent retrospective of the photographs of Paul Strand (1890-1976).

Apr 9th 2016

Serious illness is a great calamity. It is unwelcome, violent, frightening and painful. If it is life threatening, it requires the ill person and their loved ones to confront death.

Apr 9th 2016

Zombies and the walking dead make for good copy, but do little to advance our understanding of life and death.

Apr 9th 2016
A trait shared by the fastest growing and most disruptive companies in history — Google, Amazon, Uber, AirBnb, and eBay—is that they aren’t focused on selling products, they are building platforms.
Apr 5th 2016

DECORAH, IOWA – Populism has a long and colorful history in American politics, from Huey Long on the left and George Wallace on the right, to – more recently – Ross Perot in 1992 and Donald Trump today.

Apr 2nd 2016

Bernie Sanders has better poll numbers than any candidate for president, from either party. Consider his latest numbers (March 31) from Huff Post Pollster. Bernie bests Donald Trump by 52 to 41. Against Ted Cruz, Bernie leads 51 to 41; and vs. John Kasich it is Bernie 46 to Kasich’s 44.

Apr 2nd 2016

Spring Fever is upon us. Search not for scantily clad students roaming white sand beaches with yard-long margaritas; no, look instead to the madness of politics gone wild with crazy beyond what anybody could have imagined.

Mar 31st 2016

Facebook is set to release its virtual reality headset, Oculus, next week.

Mar 24th 2016

It’s not uncommon to hear people wishing that they had a better memory. “If only I weren’t so forgetful”, they complain.

Mar 24th 2016

Eating more fruit and vegetables and cutting back on red and processed meat will make you healthier. That’s obvious enough.

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