Mar 27th 2015
“Do I love you because you’re beautiful, or are you beautiful because I love you?” muses the Prince to Cinderella in the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical. It’s a question that many great thinkers have struggled with in some form or another.
Mar 26th 2015

As the Middle East descends ever further into chaos, Rome suddenly finds itself in the crosshairs of Islamic State (IS).

Mar 24th 2015

LONDON – Is it acceptable for doctors to withhold information from their patients? Some claim that it is not only acceptable; it is desirable.
Mar 19th 2015

"Even siblings we don't see, who live differently from us, who move in their own world, may be shoring up our lives, our sense of family, our feeling of being at home in the world without our knowing it."

Mar 18th 2015
What qualifications do I have to review a restaurant, especially one with a Michelin star? None, really, except for the fact that I have eaten every meal out (I mean virtually every meal) for thirty years.
Mar 18th 2015

So a Rabbi and an Atheist walk into a bar.

Mar 17th 2015

Recently, a friend sent me a list of people who did great things when they were old. It was a friendly gesture, meant to support my belief that it is possible to age "successfully." The list included Bizet, Cervantes, Cezanne, Churchill, El Greco, Rembrandt and Tennyson. Quite a group!

Mar 17th 2015

Paul Cézanne famously declared "I seek in painting." He spoke of his art in almost spiritual terms, as a quest to reach the distant goal he referred to as "realization." In a letter of 1904, the 65-year old master wrote that "I progress very slowly, for nature reveals herself to me in very comple

Mar 13th 2015
Senator Inhofe (R-Okla.) pitched a snowball on the floor of the United States Senate last month.

This was his way of disputing that 2014 was the warmest year on earth and that human-caused c

Mar 11th 2015

Parasites, pedants and superfluous men and women.
Mar 8th 2015

The French writer Marcel Aymé once wrote a short story in which the population of a small town, starving to death, suddenly discovered that if they looked at a painting of food with enough intensity, they would feel nourished, as if they'd eaten whatever was depicted on the canvas.

Mar 7th 2015

Every year I hope that someone like you or I will be celebrated on International Women’s Day. But it never happens.

Mar 7th 2015
Every year I hope that someone like you or I will be celebrated on International Women’s Day.
Mar 6th 2015

Great experimental innovators are acutely aware of the costs of their particular form of creativity, as they spend long periods in pursuit of the elusive ideal of creating art that will be as powerful, vivid, and honest as reality.

Mar 1st 2015
The targeted, theatrically-staged murder of Boris Nemtsov represents both a culmination and  a turning point.  A culmination because it is impossible not to see it as a kind of horrific, grisly completion of a line of political murders perpetrated during Vlaidimir Putin’s tenure in offic
Feb 26th 2015

"The government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion."
John Adams

Feb 26th 2015

In a February 1941 editorial in Life magazine, Time and 

Feb 21st 2015

At a time when endorsement of Darwinism is reflexively identified with belief in evolution, it may come as a surprise that alternative accounts are gaining acceptance.

Feb 21st 2015
Philip Pickett, a very prominent conductor in the early music world, has been jailed for 11 years for sexually attacking two pupils and a young woman.
Feb 19th 2015

The 2016 presidential campaign is already upon us and the debate is heating up ov

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