Aug 28th 2015

There is a rising tide of nativism washing over the United States at this particular moment. We have seen such waves recurrently in our history.

Aug 27th 2015
In 1492, the Spanish Inquisition forced Jews to convert to Christianity or to leave the Iberian peninsula – on pain of death.
Aug 25th 2015
In virtually every science fiction novel or film, there is an evil corporation which dominates the world –
Aug 22nd 2015

The notion of a dementia epidemic has been a big concern in ageing societies across

Aug 22nd 2015

The health benefits of aspirin have been appearing in scientific literature for several decades, including a protective effect in those at increased risk of cancer.
Aug 19th 2015
It has long been known that labels, such as mental health diagnoses, can lead people to jump to damaging and erroneous conclusions.
Aug 14th 2015

In many ways President Carter's greatest work has come after his presidency and has been mostly centered on giving back to the global community.

Aug 13th 2015
MELBOURNE – In 1809, Jeremy Bentham, the founder of utilitarianism, set to work on The Book of Fallacies.
Aug 13th 2015

Humanity is on course for a population greater than 11 billion by the end of this century, according to the latest analysis from the UN’s population division.

In a simp

Aug 12th 2015

Sol Sanders is among the last of a dying breed, an international journalist with access to a range of senior sources, some of them national leaders, some scoundrels, some both. Finally, at age 89, he has put the highlights of his life and career down on paper, pulling no punches. 

Aug 10th 2015

US trophy hunter Walter Palmer must be the world’s most hated dentist.

Aug 4th 2015

Cars are one of the biggest threats to the planet.
Aug 3rd 2015

As the sustained media interest attests, Pope Francis's encyclical "Laudato Si" is a genui

Aug 3rd 2015

The pictures are sad and grotesque. An American dentist and his guide grinning over the remains of Cecil the Lion. Our sympathies run directly to the victim of the hunt, the lion.

Aug 2nd 2015

Not long ago, school children chose what they wanted to be when they grew up, and later selected the best college they could gain admission to, spent years gaining proficiency in their fields, and joined a company that had a need for their skills. Careers lasted lifetimes.

Aug 1st 2015

"There are more net jobs in the world today than ever before, after hundreds of years of technological innovation and hundreds of years of people predicting the death of work. The logic on this topic is crystal clear.

Jul 31st 2015
From Picasso’s The Young Ladies of Avignon to Munch’s The Scream, what was it about these paintings that arrested people’s attention upon viewing them, that cemented them in the canon of art history as iconic works?

In many cases, it’s because the artist incorporated a technique, form or style t

Jul 30th 2015

Art world sophisticates often casually dismiss the market for art as irrational and arbitrary.

Jul 30th 2015

The killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe has brought fresh attention to an entrenched, ongoing crisis in wildlife conservation.

As unsustainable global

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