Kenneth Rundt

Kenneth Rundt graduated 1977 from the Åbo Akademi University in Turku, Finland. His main subjects were Physical Chemistry and Quantum Chemistry with Spectroscopics. He earned his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry 1989 from the same university. He worked as a university research assistant and teacher until 1980. From 1980 through1999 he worked for Wallac Oy in Turku, which later became a part of the internationl PerkinElmer organisation. He was involved with Reasearch and Development of Liquid Scintillation and Time-Resolved Fluorescence technologies. Between 2000 and 2001 he worked for Arctic Diagnostics Oy in Turku, developing methods and instruments for Time-Resolved Fluorescence and Two-Photon Excitation Fluorescence. Currently he is employed by Bio-Nobile Oy, Turku, as a Production Manager and R&D Manager for Instruments. Bio-Nobile develops and market technologies for Magnetic Particle separation of bio-molecules.

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