Nov 26th 2015

Sexual assaults do not just happen to young women.

Nov 25th 2015

LONDON – Albert Einstein announced his greatest achievement, the general theory of relativity, in Berlin a century ago, on November 25, 1915. For many years, hardly any physicist could understand it.

Nov 25th 2015

The idea that global warming has “stopped” is a contrarian talking point that dates back to at least 2006.

Nov 24th 2015

The mainstays of most of the diet regimens of the last 30 years have been the GI (glycaemic index) rating score as well as its cousin the glycaemic load.

Nov 20th 2015

Every religious community, at some point in its history, has harboured a vision of the apocalypse. It reminds us that the world periodically goes through tumultuous socio-religious strife, agonising chaos and unbearable anarchy.
Nov 18th 2015

Racism exists in this country; denying that reality, a disease of conservativism, is just the latest reincarnation of a problem that never seems to die. But right wing extremism is not our society's only ideological woe.

Nov 12th 2015

"........a survey in Canada found that paid employment was the most satisfying activity for people over the age of 65."

Nov 12th 2015

Rokhshana was 19-years-old when a gang of men in Afghanistan stoned her to death this week. The men who stoned her were enforcing Islamic law, otherwise known as Sharia.

Nov 12th 2015

The EU’s announcement of new guidelines regarding the labelling of settlement products, has been greeted by Is

Nov 12th 2015

For the second time in four years, the Vatican has been plunged into crisis by the publication of books exposing not only the battles for power within its hallowed walls, but also the misbe

Nov 11th 2015

The spectacle of thousands of East Germans flocking to the Berlin Wall and demanding its guards open the border crossings supplied some of the most remarkable images of our time.

Nov 6th 2015

Figures on US economic performance continue to disappoint.

Nov 6th 2015

Next Tuesday, Christie's will auction Four Marilyns, painted by Andy Warhol in 1962.

Nov 6th 2015

It is certainly true that humans don’t need religion to be moral. But whether religion generally reduces or impedes kindness is less obvious, as the link between religion and morality is a notoriously difficult one to untangle.

Nov 3rd 2015

In the quest for smaller, longer-lasting, more powerful batteries, scientists have tried many alternative approaches to battery chemistry.

Oct 30th 2015

"Alzheimer's, diabetes, cancer and heart disease." Cure these chronic illnesses, Governor Mike Huckabee informed his audience at the third Republican debate, held October 28, 2015, and "we" can solve our issues with Medicare.

Oct 27th 2015

What more can be said about Netanyahu’s flagrant Holocaust revisionism?

Oct 26th 2015

The UN’s ambitious new Sustainable Development Goals include a target to halt biodiversity loss by 2030.

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