Oct 26th 2015

"In her marathon testimony before a hostile Congress, Clinton was able to rise above the filth of the Benghazi Committee, and in doing so, strengthened her quest for the presidency."

Oct 20th 2015
While the news coming out of forests is often dominated by deforestation and habitat loss, research published today in Nature Climate Change shows that the world has actually got greener over the past decade.


Oct 19th 2015

This is an important question. Indeed, the dominant news story of the 2015/2016 election cylcle might well prove to be the steady implosion of the Republican Party establishment.

Oct 16th 2015

Students have come back to college. But not all to the United States.

Oct 12th 2015

Dietary nutrients are critical for brain structure and function, so they have a potentially profound impact on mental health.

Oct 11th 2015

"Complex high fat foods such as extra virgin olive oil, when eaten with a wide variety of other healthy polyphenol-dense foods, provide the basis for a rich and diverse community of gut microbes.

Oct 9th 2015

Ben Carson is interesting as a Republican candidate for the presidency, not because he could ever win, but because he embodies in one person the very worst of conservative thought.

Oct 9th 2015

The Nobel Prize in Literature for 2015 has been awarded to the Belarusian author Svetlana Alexievich.

Oct 2nd 2015

The news that Pope Francis met with Kim Davis raises a series of questions that must be answered urgently. Let's begin with trying to understand what happened. And so we should ask: Did Pope Francis know who Kim Davis is?

Sep 29th 2015

Great Dutch painters have come in threes. In the Golden Age, there were Rembrandt, Hals, and Vermeer. And in the modern era, there were van Gogh, Mondrian, and Appel.

Sep 25th 2015

Before the end of 2015, the leaders of the world’s nations will attend two major summits. Their task is nothing less than to change the course of history.

Sep 24th 2015

Pope Francis arrives in Washington, D.C. as a conquering hero, with jostling crowds lining the street in rapt adulation. Trumpets, pomp, elaborate ceremony and fawning commentary herald the presence of a global rock star. This man crush is as unwarranted as it is embarrassing.

Sep 24th 2015

Pope Francis is visiting Washington, New York and Philadelphia this week.

Sep 22nd 2015

Two women are murdered every week in the UK as a result of domestic violence.

Sep 18th 2015

It’s not often you see people over-50 having sex on screen.

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